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The Women’s Forum must become the sounding board for the projects and themes of your corporate strategy. For more information on partnering the Women's Forum, do not hesitate to contact us.

Partners from our last meetings

  • Women's Forum Mexico 2016

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Global Women's Forum Dubai 2016
Talents Day 2008
Women's Forum Asia 2008
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Women's Forum Day 2008
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Women's Forum Mexico 2016
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Women’s Forum Brazil 2013
Women’s Forum Myanmar-ASEAN 2014
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Become a partner

If you are interested by a partnership with the Women’s Forum, please contact us.

  • Different type of partners
  • Enhance and illustrate commitment
    • An international platform of content
    • The latest updates on best practice and recommended guidelines
    • A place to produce and present your own content
    • Demonstrate your actions and commitment to advancing diversity issues
    • Communicate both externally and internally in a unique environment
    • Show how diversity and CSR are embedded into corporate values
    • The Women’s Forum Global Meeting provides international business and networking opportunities as well as privileged access to renowned speakers.
    • It creates the perfect environment for networking with high-profiles from business, governmental, NGO and cultural arenas around the world.
    • Attending the Women’s Forum Global Meeting is an experience, a unique opportunity to meet other cultures and broaden perspectives.
    • The legacy of each Meeting is both an individual and collective enthusiasm of people in their work and life in general.
  • Networking and business opportunities
  • A new lease of energy